shoots for success with its latest Facebook game Hoop De Loop Saga is expanding its standalone Facebook game portfolio again with Hoop De Loop Saga, the fifth game from its website to make make the jump to the platform as a Saga title.

Hoop De Loop Saga is a combination puzzle and arcade game that challenges players to shoot colored balls into an advancing chain of balls to make matches of three or more. The chain curves back around itself several times to amplify the difficulty and increase the skill required to make shots. The game is similar to PopCap’s Zuma Blitz, but is slower-paced and focuses more on puzzle elements than on achieving a high score in a limited period of time.

When a player makes a match, balls are removed. If the player manages to set off a chain reaction where multiple groups of balls are eliminated with a single shot, a gem is created. The goal of the game is to create gems and move them to the front of the advancing chain of balls. Each round is timed and a player must create as many gems as possible and move them to the front of the chain before time runs out.

Collecting gems increases a player’s score, but gems are also used to craft bonus items called boosters, a new feature to the Saga series of games. Boosters are single use items that players can use to help them in the game. If a player lacks sufficient gems to craft a booster, they can purchase extras with Facebook credits.

Hoop De Loop Saga currently has 70 levels and requirements needed to earn a three star score on each level increases in difficulty as the player progresses through the game. Social elements has used in other Saga games also make an appearance, such as the gifting of items and inviting friends to play to unlock new areas of the game. is currently the fourth-largest social game developer on Facebook with more than 24.7 million monthly active users and 6.1 million daily active users, a position it has gained in under a year with the success of its Saga games — a process the company is aiming to repeat on other platforms according to Alex Dale,’s chief marketing officer

“In general what we’re doing with is taking games from and putting them on to Facebook in the Saga format, then we’re taking them from Facebook to Google+ and we’ll be launching mobile versions of the games as well,” explains Dale.

Although Bubble Witch Saga only launched on Google+ a week ago, Dale revealed the company is “pleased with performance so far” on the platform. According to Dale, the company’s Bucharest studio is also nearing completion on a mobile Saga game, a project has been working on since last year.

Hoop De Loop Saga already has 210,000 monthly active users and 70,000 daily active users according to our AppData traffic tracking service.