KittehRoulette: It’s Like ChatRoulette, Only Cuter

KittehRoulette is redefining cute with a Chatroulette parody site that brings users videos of one of the most popular and viral things on the web – adorable cats. Go to the site to see videos of random cats, like this skateboarding cat or this cat with a bag on his head. If you don’t like the one you see, just click “next kitteh” to see a different one, just like in Chatroulette.

KittehRoulette is bound to take off, as it combines cats with the popular Chatroulette madness. Funny cats have massive potential to go viral, as has been shown from sites like I Can Has Cheezburger and the success of silly cat videos on YouTube. Putting all these videos into one, easy to access site was a great move on the part of the creators of KittehRoulette.

KittehRoulette is currently busy marketing themselves on Facebook and Twitter. However, with a sharing widget on the site that allows users to share videos via Twitter, Stumble Upon, Digg and Facebook, the site is sure to get the traffic it deserves in no time. KittehRoulette is also helping a cause, fighting animal cruelty by raising money for the ASPCA directly on their site.

Have you used KittehRoulette yet? Do you think this website has the potential to become massively viral?

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