Klink Photo-Sharing App Allows Users to Monetize Their Content

The Klink app pays users as their photos and videos earn views.

Klink has announced the official launch of its photo-sharing app on iOS devices, which allows users to monetize their shared photos and videos.

Klink’s features are similar to Instagram’s, in that users can share photos and videos, post likes and comments on posts and follow other users. However, Klink does offer a few key differences, including the ability to share up to 20 second videos (as opposed to 15 second clips), and the ability to publish full-screen photos to their feed.

Before publishing an image to their feed, users have the option to add text or a filter to the photo. For videos, users can create montages by switching between footage from the camera roll and that captured within the app, or post videos in slow motion or reverse. Users can share their posts to Facebook alongside publishing to Klink itself.


Similarly, a share button on each post (even those created by other users) allows users to share content to Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest, or to ‘Reklink’ an image to their own feed (think a retweet on Twitter). Rather than using hashtags to organize content, Klink was built with ‘intelligent graph API and computer vision image processes’ to allow users to find the right content when they search.

Klink’s monetization feature pays users $2 per 1,000 unique views on their content. Users can track their views and earnings from their profile, and can cash out when they’ve earned at least $25. Additional payments can be earned by inviting friends to join the app.

Klink 2

While Klink itself is monetized via banner ads, the app also allows users to boost their visibility via in-app purchases, which move their content to a ‘Featured’ feed. Influencers within the app are also featured on a separate ‘Creators’ tab on the app’s home screen.

In a statement, Klink CEO, Taylor Pierce, commented on the app:

Klink will eventually become the go-to platform where brands can find the world’s top creators. We created Klink to be more fun and interesting than the other photo-sharing apps, and our users have the added benefit of making money as a reward for their creative activity.

Klink is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store, and is currently in open beta on Android.

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