KLM Wants To Put Your Face On A Plane

Your face could fly around the world on a KLM plane. Find out how after the jump.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is constantly outdoing themselves with their social media campaigns, from stalking passengers via Foursquare to give them personalized gifts at the gate to hosting a world record-breaking in flight dance party, inspired by a Tweet.  In their latest campaign, which just hit YouTube this morning, KLM is inviting fans and passengers to create personalized Dutch tiles with their Facebook profile pictures and inspirational quotes printed on them.

KLM is calling their contest Tile & Inspire.  The contest stems from the fact that KLM is proud of its Dutch heritage and that Delftware, the blue and white pottery that the Dutch are famous for, is a big part of Dutch culture.  Therefore, they are inviting travelers from around the globe to log in to TileYourself.com or the Tile & Inspire page on Facebook to create a Delft blue tile portrait featuring a picture of themselves (taken from their Facebook profile) and an inspirational quote.  Check out the campaign video below.

Making your tile is simple.  Just head over to TileYourself.com to get started.  You can either sign in with Facebook to snag a picture from your profile or albums or you can upload a photo to create your tile on the Tile & Inspire website.  Choose a tile design, add and adjust your image, add an inspirational quote and you’re good to go!

If you’re happy with your tile you can submit it to the Tile & Inspire contest for the chance to have your personalized tile appear on a real KLM plane that will fly around the world on journeys of inspiration!  You also have the opportunity to post your tile to your Facebook wall, save it to an album or download and save it to your computer.

What do you think of KLM’s latest campaign?  Will you be tiling yourself?

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