Kno Secures $30 Million in new Financing

And it looks like Kno is getting out of the hardware business, just like it said it would last month.

Kno launched its tablet business last summer but suffered lackluster sales and technical issues. The first shipment of tablets is only scheduled to ship next week, and now it looks like this might be the last shipment of tablets, at least for a while.

Intel is the lead in a new group of investors for the beleaguered tablet maker. It’s also taking over the hardware design, but it doesn’t look like Intel will make any. Instead, Intel plans to continue developing the idea and then share the results with its hardware partners.

Of course, this is all a rumor at this point. The official story won’t be released until next week.

The press release is out, and it more or less says what I posted above.

via Business Week