Social Media ‘Professional’ Trips Up Kobe Bryant on Twitter

As FishbowlLA reported just a few months ago, Lakers star Kobe Bryant has stated he is in no hurry to join Twitter. But perhaps the threat of an NBA lockout and other factors have helped change his mind.

Late yesterday, for the briefest of moments, Bryant was suddenly one-on-Twitter @KobeBryant. But after amassing a quick 35,000 or so followers, the account was turned off;’s Dave McMenamin offers a possible explanation:

A source close to Bryant told that Bryant’s Twitter feed will return in the future and that a social media professional assisting Bryant in setting up the account “may have jumped the gun.” The source said Bryant will spend more time familiarizing himself with Twitter before the account goes live again.

For those of us itching to watch more Kobe-vs.-Shaq action, Twitter could be just the ticket. Once Bryant rejoins for real, he can perhaps quietly set his sights on catching up to the big man’s four million plus followers.

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@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.