Kobo eReader Reviewed

Matthew Miller over at ZDNet recently got his hands on the forthcoming Kobo eReader. It’s already available for pre-order in Canada (where Kobo is based), with a scheduled May release, and a planned US release some time this summer. He reviewed the device favorably.

Here’s an excerpt that highlights what makes the Kobo eReader stand out of the crowd, aside from the $149 price tag: “The nice thing about the Kobo eReader is that it supports EPUB and PDF formatted documents, including support for Adobe Digital Editions DRM. This means you should be able to buy your books through the Barnes & Noble, Sony, Fictionwise, eReader, and other online stores with EPUB and PDF files and then load them to read on the Kobo eReader. Public library books in these formats are supported too. Since Adobe Digital Editions is supported then you can connect the Kobo eReader to a PC or Mac for transferring book libraries. All those great free ebooks from Google and other online resources are supported in these formats.”

An open eReader for a nice price? Who’d have thunk it? If only Nook and Kindle were thinking this way, E-Ink’s future might look brighter.

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