Kobo May Have A Tablet Of Their Own

Engadget has discovered a new Kobo device on the FCC site, suggested that the eBook company has a new tablet in the works.

Here is more from the tech blog: “ What’s this mystery e-reader? It’s the Kobo Vox, and it just made its debut on the FCC’s site. Is it a reworked version of the relatively recently released Touch Edition? Is it a brand new reader from the company? The device is listed as being an ‘eReader Tablet,’ so perhaps it’s something more akin to Barnes & Noble’s Nook Color or the Kindle tablet reportedly in the works from Amazon.”

While Kobo did not confirm the news, the company is in the process of reaching out to the press to set up meeting for a new announcement. A tablet could make sense from the eBook maker, who already has a black-and-white touchscreen eReader.

This comes as Barnes & Noble and Amazon are both likely to announce new tablets for the holiday season. Amazon is hosting a press conference on Wednesday in New York, where they are likely to show off their new tablet, and Barnes & Noble’s Q4 business plans show signs of a new tablet Nook.