Kobo Touch will be on Redcoon, MediaMarkt Store Shelves on 1 October

Kobo announced today that it had signed a new retail partner.

Come October 1st, the new Kobo Touch will be on the digital store shelf of Redcoon.de, a German gadget website. Kobo describes it Redcoon asone of the largest electronics retailers in Europe, with customers in 10 countries: Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Italy, Denmark and France.

“The availability of the Kobo eReader Touch Edition through redcoon provides Kobo with wide online retail footprint to serve the millions of consumers who want to read on-the-go,” said Todd Humphrey, EVP, Business Development at Kobo.

There’s actually another bit of news that Kobo didn’t announce, so I’m going to leak it. According to my sources, the new Kobo Touch might also be available through Mediamarkt, the European electronics retailer. I do not know which of the 200 stores (in 9 countries) will carry it, but I suspect that it will likely be available on the Mediamarkt website.

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