Kodak to Stop Making Digital Cameras

“You push the button, we do the rest!” promised George Eastman in 1888, touting his freshly patented rollfilm box camera. Now the company he founded has decided to have someone else do the rest when it comes to making cameras. Kodak, which filed for bankruptcy last month, has announced that it will stop making digital cameras, pocket video cameras, and digital picture frames, as it “phases out its dedicated capture devices business” over the next several months. Kodak-branded cameras may eventually reappear on the market, however, through Polaroid-style licensing deals that the company said it will pursue. The decision to shutter the digital camera business that Kodak pioneered is expected to save the embattled company more than $100 million (although it will cost about $30 million to shut down the operation). So, what’s left at Kodak? On the consumer side, the focus will be on online and retail-based photo printing, as well as desktop inkjet printing. Kodak’s commercial businesses segment includes its digital and functional printing, enterprise services and solutions, and graphics, entertainment ,and commercial films units. Meanwhile, if you’re still stumped for a Valentine’s Day gift, may we suggest a cherry red Easyshare Sport C135? Waterproof up to 16 feet, it comes with a free case. Act fast, because neither the offer nor the camera will be around for long.

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