Kongregate Launching Over 100 Flash Games on Android

Android’s latest release (version 2.2) deemed Froyo will be soon be available to existing and new smartphones, bringing with it significant improvements in performance and security as well as giving full flash compatibility. To showcase the implications this has on social gaming, Adobe and Kongregate, a leading indie web game site, announced they will be collaborating to release games for Android.

Kongregate receives more than one million game plays a day and is a fast growing gaming destination. Working with Adobe, Kongregate launched a mobile site recently (http://m.kongregate.com) with over 120 popular games specifically for mobile devices that will run using Flash Player 10.1. Some titles include Assembler 3, Talesworth Adventure, Hexiom Connect and Straight Dice.

“Adobe Flash Player 10.1 will have a tremendous impact on the mobile gaming landscape for both the game developer and player,” noted Jim Greer, CEO and co-founder of Kongregate. “Bringing Flash technology to Google’s next version of Android enables our more than 8,000 developers to create engaging mobile titles using the tools already familiar to them, while Kongregate players will be able to enjoy great Flash-based, free-to-play game experiences anytime, anywhere.”

Kongregates expectations of flash have been surpassed and feels that powerful hardware will pave the way for great products. With the advent of Flash 10.1, we can expect rich and compelling flash-based game experiences to be delivered to the mobile games market, and hope to hear more companies ready to test the waters the way Kongregate is.

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