KonMari Your Social Strategy and Say Goodbye to Everything That Doesn’t Spark ROI Joy

Remember to thank all discarded tactics that no longer serve you

A orange cube is in the middle of the screen; the cube has different purple shapes sticking out of it; a group of people work to fit the last shape into the cube
It's time to analyze which aspects of your social strategy are actually helping progress your brand's message. Getty Images

Marie Kondo introduced a revolutionary book in 2012, which led to the binge-worthy series now on Netflix dedicated to decluttering your life. Given that there are roughly 300,000 items in the average American household, this lesson couldn’t feel more relevant.

Juliette Leavey is an associate director of digital strategy at Deutsch.
Jess Spar is the resident leader of paid social, partnering with Deutsch’s strategy and comms teams to integrate social into all of their clients’ campaigns and ideas.