LA Kings Anthem Features Strange View of the Weather

Have you caught “We Are Los Angeles,” the new ditty put forth this NHL playoff season by the LA Kings? It’s from The Goon Squad and features the following lyric: “In any weather, a Kings, a King forever.”

Hmmm. Not sure about you, but every time FishbowlLA has hit STAPLES Center for a game, it’s been pretty much the same weather. Maybe The Goon Squad is singing about when the team is on the road, but then, that doesn’t really jive with a song about why the team is synonymous with LA.

Sorry, we have to give this small portion of the song two minutes for tripping. On the other hand, it’s pretty cool that the need for an LA Kings anthem is the very reason for the existence of this stateside Goon Squad. From the LA Kings website Q&A:

Grant Arnow: The Goon Squad is a collection of guys I’ve met through my dealings in the underbelly of rock and roll. I actually met David Spreng (drummer/producer – The Bravery, Bob Dylan) first, through writing and recording with other bands I’ve been a part of. He introduced me to Piggy D (bass – Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper) and Dave Pino (guitar – Andrew WK) and we became fast friends. The four of us have been wanting to put a band together for a while; this gave us a reason to finally do it.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.
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