LA Times FOB Blogger Worked For Free

They say its gauche to talk about who’s getting paid what. But it’s our business to be noisy, so we’re going to talk about it anyway. Apparently, at the LA Times, blogging an event is the new “unpaid internship.” The exchange for one blogger we talked to was the prized Green Room Access at the Festival of Books. Other bloggers were paid at a set rate, but not all. So the Jacket Copy blog was fleshed out by free content providers.

Last year, one of the bloggers was not paid by the newspaper. They did not receive a check. They were given a byline but they worked for free. This year that same blogger was given access to the green room and was not expecting pay again this year. About 15 minutes after we contacted the LA Times for comment on this post, the blogger was sent an email saying “the dust had settled” and the blogger will get $25 a post.

Then spokesperson for LAT told FBLA, “That’s not the case. All The Times’ freelance bloggers will be paid.” In an email we asked if they were told that. “Yes, they were,” she replied.

Which still means LAT didn’t pay a blogger last year and we’ll assume they just had a change of heart this year. Wonder if they’ll change even further and pay the blogger for their posts from last year too.

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