LA Times Columnist Gives Her High School Readers an ‘F’

LA Times columnist and author Meghan Daum (pictured) finds herself in a no-win corner when it comes to the emails she regularly receives from high school students asking for help with their Meghan Daum homework. She feels guilty if she doesn’t reply, and resentful when she does.

The problem is neither her hyper-accessibility in this electronic age or the idea of connecting with future great minds of journalism. Rather, it’s the general laziness of the high school students’ approach. Writes Daum:

I hate to say this because it makes me sound about 1,000 years old – but the sense of entitlement radiates from the screen. I have no doubt that these are lovely, goodhearted children with lovely, goodhearted parents. But with rare exceptions they seem to have missed the memo about doing their own work, not to mention the one about how to ask for a favor, particularly from adults they don’t know.

Daum also hints at some endemic high school procrastination; such emails are often sent to her the day before an assignment is due, with a plea that she get back to the respondent ASAP.

[Photo credit: Alexandra Dean Grossi]

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