President Obama Nominee’s ‘Ugly’ Hair Investigated

The Washington Free Beacon, a pub that recently checked into the labor conditions of D.C. strip clubs, has used its resources to look into President Obama‘s Energy Secretary nominee Ernest Moniz. More specifically, Moniz’s expertly parted mop.

“Cosmetic professionals are divided on the haircut of energy secretary nominee Ernest Moniz, voicing reactions that range from comparisons to Donald Trump to applause for Moniz’s self-confidence,” begins a Wednesday story by the Free Beacon‘s Lachlan Markay. He goes on to cite three professional hair stylists in Washington who weighed in on the hair, one saying “He looks ugly.”

To be sure, Moniz’s hair is something to be marveled. There’s a historical quality to it. It bears a likeness to Christopher Columbus’ helmet, the Quaker Oats mascot and Gen. David Petareus‘ wife, Holly. But what’s the story behind Markay’s story? We asked.

FBDC: What inspired you to write a story about Moniz’s hair? Just that it’s unusual or did someone raise it as a possible story idea?

LM: I wrote a piece on Monday about Moniz’s ties to an oil company that has bucked Iran sanctions. But reactions to the piece focused almost entirely on his hair (“He’s too beautiful for this world” was probably my favorite Facebook comment). My editor suggested asking some hair stylists about it. Popular demand was clearly there and the Free Beacon gives the people what they want.

FBDC: How come you didn’t quote any female hairstylists in your story? Maybe they’d have a different opinion.

LM: All of the salons that agreed to talk to me directed me to a male employee (the owners, in two cases). A woman might have a different take, but I think it’s appropriate to get the male opinion on a man’s haircut. If a guy’s looking for style tips, he picks up GQ, not Cosmo.

FBDC: What do you personally think of Moniz’s hair? Does he need a new style?

LM: I think it’s great. As one of the stylists I talked to said, sometimes the man becomes the hair. Say what you will about Moniz, his policy positions, or his background – if confirmed, he’ll add personality to the president’s Cabinet. Then again, the last time I had hair that long, it was in dreadlocks, so maybe I’m not an authority on this. I’ll have to defer to the experts.

FBDC: Imagine you’re Moniz going into a hair salon for your regular cut. How do you describe the look you’re going for to achieve his signature style?

LM: Like a silvery Anton Chigurh (below)…friendo.