Lala Music To Enter The Facebook Gift Shop

A Facebook music service has been rumored about for three years now, but according to Brad Stone, the first official integration with Facebook will come from Lala who will integrate the service into the Facebook gift store. This comes as news of a partnership between Lala, iLike, and Google first surfaced this morning.

Facebook has been testing developer integration in the gift shop for some time now, however it appears that those tests will become widespread later this week. At the end of September we covered the addition of JibJab and someecards to the Facebook gift shop. While Facebook will not officially state whether or not they plan on opening the shop to all developers, we saw some initial signs that they could via the Facebook PHP library last week.

Facebook claims that the gift shop and payment methods have been available via the developer library since earlier this year, however last week was the first time they were brought to our attention. Regardless of how the Facebook gift shop will function in the future, this integration with Lala is the first time we’ve definitively heard of any Facebook music service. So how will this new service function? According to Brad Stone:

People can give friends, say, Elvis Costello’s aging ballad, “Veronica” for their 40th birthday. And Lala is the perfect partner for this. It charges 10 cents (or one Facebook credit) for a “Web song” which can be played online in perpetuity; for full price, usually around 10 credits, the recipient of the music gift will be able to download the song and transfer it to their iPod.

We will most definitely cover the news once the Lala announcement is official but this sounds like a great implementation of music on Facebook. Would you purchase music for your friends?