Landing An Online Journalism Job: Steve Buttry Says It All

Sometimes it feels like this blog can get a little repetitive. Put this on your resume. Network. Don’t spell names wrong and don’t do stupid stuff online. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

But if you were still looking for a summary, the absolute master list of what to do to land a job, and if you wanted that job to be in online journalism, you could do much worse than looking at Steve Buttry’s recent blog post.

Buttry spent nine months looking for his next job, which turned out to be Director of Community Engagement at TBD. Then one of the first things he’s done at TBD has been to fill five open jobs.

So he knows the search from both sides.

Some highlights (though the whole post is dead-on and worth a read or two or three): “Connect and network with people you admire in the business, even if you’re happy with your current job…I started following Jim Brady on Twitter months before I knew he might be in a position to hire me. He followed me back. We replied occasionally to each other’s tweets and exchanged direct messages. So when he announced his new project for Allbritton Communications (later to be named TBD), my DM telling him I’d like to work with him was a welcome message from a familiar name, even if we hadn’t met yet.”

“Let the boss know you’ll be in town. Jeff [Sonderman] actually scheduled his own interview before I was ready to start interviewing. His wife had some business in Reston, Va., and he was going to accompany her down to the Washington area. … He asked if we could get together while he was in town. I said sure. At that point, I had not actually posted any jobs” but it didn’t matter: Sonderman’s now TBD’s senior community host.

And finally, don’t apply to a job that has “social media” in the title if you’ve privatized your Twitter account.

What else would you add to this list? Again, the full post has tons more tips.

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