Last Call for “Art Wars” Indie Game Funding

The story is a common one: an idealist artist moves to a major urban center (say, New York City) where they expect to be discovered but then must walk the shakey tightrope of balancing their financial and artistic ambitions. This is a tale that’s been well tread in film and literature but Art Wars, an indie game currently wrapping up a pledging campaign on Kickstarter, tells it in an interactive manner for the first time.

Art Wars takes the form of an adventure game where success is measured by the accumulation of “cred” (earned by proving yourself through activities like, for one example, “getting arrested while making art in China”) and, of course, cash money. Where this becomes most interesting is in the game’s forcing of the player to balance gaining cred with losing their meagre savings. Upward mobility in the art world is as much about reputation as it is about bank balances after all.

Nortd, the NYC team behind Art Wars, is hoping for the kind of cash influence they need to, in a fitting enough situation, bring their artistic effort to live. Money raised through Nortd’s Kickstarter drive will pay for the game’s programming (including the development of its own rendering engine), illustration, internet hosting and more. Generous folks receive pledging rewards that range from early access to the game and copies of its soundtrack to actual pieces of the game’s original artwork or inclusion as a character in its cast.

There is very, very little time left to donate to this worthwhile project so head over to its Kickstarter page straightaway (stop thinking about it, just do it!) to throw a couple of bucks toward the game’s development. Art Wars will be funded on Friday, September 2nd at 8.00pm EST — but only if it raises its total goal of $7,499.