Last Call: Yellin Hearts Ke$ha, Shuffles Staffers

Je$$ica Yellin?: If Jessica Yellin wasn’t CNN’s national political correspondent, she’d be either a Fortune 500 CEO or the host of Solid Gold.  At least that’s what she tells National Journal in an interview for Hotline today.  Other interesting snippets: She jams out to Ke$ha and a superior once told her, “We have a problem with your hair. It blows in the wind.”  Read the full interview with a NJ password or free trial here.

Shuffle at  Josh Green, who currently writes for both the magazine and website, will direct his attention to blogging for the Politics channel for the next 20 months.  Conor Friedersdorf, who worked for Andrew Sullivan at the Daily Dish, is not moving with his boss to the Daily Beast.  Instead he’ll join Garance Franke-Ruta and Josh Green in Politics.  Lastly, picked Spencer Kornhaber from AOL’s  He’ll join Eleanor Barkhorn on the Culture channel as an associate editor.  Full memo from Bob Cohn after the jump.

I’m happy to announce a few important moves at

Senior editor Josh Green, who currently splits his time between writing for the magazine and blogging for the site, becomes a go-to voice in the Politics channel, covering the 2012 campaign. Josh will continue to write occasionally for print, where during the past year he has produced notable stories on Mitch McConnell, Tim Geithner, Herman Cain, and Ron Paul. But over the next 20 months, the website will be his primary home.

Conor Friedersdorf, who has worked at The Daily Dish for nearly the last year, stays with us as Andrew Sullivan and crew move over to The Daily Beast/Newsweek. A former Atlantic intern who has done terrific work blogging for our Ideas and Cities special reports in recent years and who also served as features editor of the celebrated site Culture 11, Conor will be an associate editor writing across a variety of channels, principally Politics and National. He is based in Los Angeles.

Both Josh and Conor will be working with Politics editor Garance Franke-Ruta.

Spencer Kornhaber joins as an associate editor at the Culture channel. He’ll share editing duties with the indomitable Eleanor Barkhorn, who has been running Culture with a huge assist from Kevin Fallon. Spencer will have primary responsibility for music and film, while Eleanor will oversee coverage of television, sports, and books. He joins from AOL’s, where he edits the site for Lake Forest, California (Orange County); he has also worked as a writer and editor at OC Weekly (a Village Voice newspaper) and as an intern at Spin, and he has written for Spin, and the Onion AV Club. Spencer starts here in DC late next month. Even before then, the Culture channel will be renamed, on the site and in our hallways, the Entertainment channel. Same great (and now expanded) content, more accurate name.

Welcome, Spencer — and congratulations to Josh and Conor on their new roles.


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