Late to the Game-Native iPhone Support for IBM’s Lotus Notes/Domino: It is Really a Microsoft Story Though

Imagine it is October 2007, a mere two years ago. The original iPhone was released over the summer. The iPhone has no way to install and run apps. And, someone asks you which company will be the one to enable the iPhone to become a major candidate for enterprise communications. Would you have guessed “Microsoft”? And, yet, in October 2009, this is the correct answer with this news from NetworkWorld…

Native iPhone support ready for Lotus Domino

Microsoft’s Exchange ActiveSync is the technology that enables IBM’s Lotus Notes to finally play nicely with millions of iPhones. This means that Microsoft is “THE” enterprise enabling technology for the iPhone. It lets iPhone users talk to the two biggest players in the enterprise messaginge space: Microsoft and IBM. And, let’s not forget that it also enables mail, contacts and calendar sync between Google and the iPhone. In many ways, this late-to-the-game iPhone support from IBM is more about Microsoft than it is about IBM.

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