Latina Editorial Director Mimi Valdes Leaves The Magazine

Mimi Valdes has left her position as editorial director of Latina magazine. Valdes had tried to make the magazine more upscale and fashion-focused under her watch, and, as a Latina reader, I remember how she made the controversial move to place Jessica “Don’t Call Me Latina” Alba on the magazine’s cover.

And that’s just one shakeup going on behind the scenes at Latina Media Ventures: Publisher Lauren Michaels and Galina Espinoza, former senior editor at People, have been named co-presidents at the company. Espinoza will also serve as editorial director.

Edward Lewis, chairman of the board of LMV, had this to say about Espinoza and Michaels:

Galina and Lauren are two of our industry’s compelling talents. Their partnership brings to Latina editorial and publishing excellence that will enable us to realize the full potential of our brand. Together, they will build on the great progress that Latina has made.

Last year, Cindy Lewis left her position as president of Latina Media Ventures and Peter Glusker stepped down as the company’s CEO.