LAX Creates ‘Celebrity Terminal’ Free of Paparazzi, Peons

Maybe the airport code should be LUX now?

Celebrity culture is already pretty sickening.

Mindless masses fawning after their every word and movement on-air and social media. Dedicated hours of gossip for these folks. Publicists who couldn’t shine the shoes of most PR pros. The upper-crust privileges, fashionable bootlicking, and senseless hypocrisy.

And that’s just on TMZ.

Now the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) wants to get into the butt-kissing by allowing Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to create a “celebrity-only” terminal.

The Guardian (UK) reports LAX’s Board of Airport Commissioners unanimously approved its plan to redevelop a cargo hangar into the US’s first terminal dedicated to the rich and famous. Hereby affectionately called the “Los Angeles Suite,” this den of opulence and self-aggrandizement allows celebrities and diplomats to avoid paparazzi, protestors, or even the random fan in the 99 percent.

Deborah Ale Flint, executive director of Los Angeles World Airports which operates LAX, said allowing celebrities a private route through the airport will also make travelling more pleasant for the general public, who have often been caught up in media scrums.

To avoid these “media scrums,” protesters and the rest of you they don’t really care about, the one-percenters will pay $1,500-$1,800 per trip to use the new terminal, chock full of “exclusive lounges, dedicated catering and separate security and border checkpoints.” And then, to help prevent bunions, guests will be driven directly to their plane.

LAX said the new 43,750-foot terminal, which will be built and run by celebrity security firm Gavin de Becker & Associates, will bring in additional revenue of $3.7m in the first year and $34m over the 10-year lease. DeBecker said that if the project proves successful his firm plans to introduce similar facilities at New York’s JFK and possibly San Francisco, Miami, Chicago and Dallas.

So, next time you fly and pay for those baggage fees, congratulations on helping to contribute to this. Sic ’em, Twitter: