Layoffs At The Las Vegas Sun

The fortunes of the Las Vegas Sun, which has been published under a joint operating agreement with the Las Vegas Review-Journal for two decades, are inextricably linked with the R-J’s.

So a month after the Review-Journal cut an unspecified number of employees, the Sun has now laid off a dozen people, among them Richard Perez-Feria, who joined the company a year ago to relaunch its business magazine.

Brian Greenspun, president and CEO of the Sun’s parent company Greenspun Media Group, said a “central reason” for the cuts was that GMG is “too exposed to the fortunes of the Review-Journal, a business we can’t control.”

He added that laying off employees was “a form of failure, even if the circumstances were not entirely under our control. I want GMG to grow, not shrink. I am determined to reshape this company to ensure that we can do just that.”