Depressing Update: TWT Newsroom Uses Charlie Brown to Cope With Impending Layoffs

Facing impending layoffs, TWT employees have taken to displaying depressing Charlie Brown Christmas trees in their offices to express the “Bah humbug” lack of holiday spirit in the building.

A quote from the Charlie Brown Christmas special has been internally re-attributed to current TWT chairman Tom McDevitt, the former president who many say ran company finances into the ground to the point that necessitated massive layoffs:

“I killed it! Everything I touch gets ruined!”

A TWT insider told FishbowlDC: “That Charlie Brown quote perfectly summarizes Tom McDevitt’s mismanagement of the Washington Times. He has an amazing anti-business knack for doing the exactly wrong thing 100 percent of the time. McDevitt would find a way to lose seven figures on a sidewalk lemonade stand — and that’s after Mommy and Daddy already paid for the Minutemaid mix and the paper cups.”

Ouch. Touchy stuff.

Under McDevitt’s presidency… TWT burned through what sources say broaches approximately $30 million in the past year and faces tens of millions in red ink annually.