LeapDoc Simplifies Getting Documents of All Kinds to an iPad or iPhone

There are a lot of ways to get a document from a desktop computer to an iPhone or iPad. However, generally speaking, this is a mulit-step process requiring at least two apps and some kind of synchronization service. LeadDoc (iTunes App Store) for iOS, which was available for free for a brief time earlier this week, may a solution for people who want to reduce the complexity of getting documents to an iOS device.

This universal app for the iPad and iPhone costs $4.99. Free desktop software for Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X. The free desktop software creates PDF files from numerous desktop document files types. Once converted, the PDF file is pushed to an iPad or iPhone. If allowed, a Push Alert on the iOS device notifies you that a document is available.

This can be done for free using software and services like Dropbox (file sync) and Apple iBooks (PDF and ebook reader). Many desktop applications can create PDF files. And, there are free PDF creation solutions for desktop software that cannot create PDF files. However, for some people a $4.99 investment for a streamlined solution may be worth the cost.

Video courtesy of LeapDoc

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