Learn How to Break Into Online Writing With Daily Beast Editor Will Doig

Wednesday, April 7, from 6:45 to 9:45 p.m., mediabistro.com is hosting a seminar on how to write for the Web and get paid doing it. Hosted by Daily Beast features editor Will Doig, this seminar focuses on:

• What stories online editors are looking for today
• The styles and deadlines unique to online journalism
• How to figure out who to pitch to
• How to pitch in a way that will make an editor respond
• How to write about news without sources or scoops
• How to turn a personal essay into a story a magazines would love
• How to snowball one published piece into 5 more

Admission is $65, or $50 with an Avant Guild membership. For more information and to register for the seminar, click here.

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