Legendary Pokemon Are Coming to Pokemon Go

The first Legendary Pokemon may appear during Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago

As part of Pokemon Go‘s first-anniversary celebration, Niantic revealed new details surrounding the upcoming arrival of Legendary Pokemon in the game.

Players’ first chance to encounter one of these Legendary Pokemon will come July 22, during Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago. During this event, attendees and other players around the world will need to work together to complete special Challenge Windows by capturing a large number of Pokemon.

If the community captures enough Pokemon during these limited-time Challenge Windows, the first Legendary Pokemon will appear in Chicago’s Grant Park for event attendees to defeat. If these attendees can defeat the Legendary Pokemon during the event, the Legendary Pokemon will begin appearing in Raid Battles around the world July 23.

Following Pokemon Go Fest, players will be able to encounter additional Legendary Pokemon in Legendary Raids at nearby Gyms. Each Legendary Raid will challenge players to defeat a Legendary Pokemon, and they will give participants a chance to capture the Pokemon for themselves.

Legendary Pokemon can be used to battle in future Raids, and in normal Gym battles. However, Legendary Pokemon can’t be left to defend Gyms.

In addition to these new details surrounding Legendary Pokemon, Niantic launched an update for Pokemon Go, which, in part, adds the ability for players to feed Berries to Pokemon defending Gyms even when they’re away from the Gyms.

Here are the game’s update notes on the iTunes and Google Play stores:

  • Added icons to the Pokemon information screen to indicate how the Pokemon was caught.
  • Added the ability for Trainers to send Berries to their Pokemon defending Gyms through the Pokemon info screen when they are not nearby. Motivation regained will be less effective through this method.
  • Added the ability for Trainers to give Berries to Pokemon defending Gyms if their motivation meter is full.
  • Improved Pokemon Collection screen search functionality.
  • Various bug fixes.

Pokemon Go is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. The game has been downloaded more than 750 million times since its launch in July 2016.

Niantic recently parterned with Wieden + Kennedy London to launch an advertising campaign celebrating the game in several worldwide locations. For this campaign, billboards containing gameplay stats appeared in New York, Tokyo and London, and some of these billboards were activated as PokeStops within the game.