LEGO Just Provided Itself a #PRWin From Parents Everywhere

Introducing the LEGO Slipper!

Parents in the PRNewserverse, we all have our peeves, right?

No, not the client convinced they know it all, or that one loser in the cube farm always over-laughing at the boss’ jokes. I mean a pet peeve on the homefront, closer to the holidays.

Like when your loving child tears through some wrapping under the tree and unveils a huge box of freshly minted LEGOs and you know you’ll be accidentally stepping on them within minutes, enduring excruciating pain.

The toy block company arrived at an epiphany just in time for the holidays, and it will bring them truckloads of PR mojo for sure. Not to mention, an equal truck bin full of profit. Introducing this…

That’s right: The LEGO Slipper!

According to the French blog Piwee, Brand Station is only producing 1,500 pairs of the “extra-padded and sturdy” slippers, which will be distributed randomly to people who fill out a Christmas wish list on the LEGO France website.

You’ve been warned, parents. Protect your feet and call Santa today. You’ll be glad you did (and so will LEGO).

(H/T cnet)