Lena Dunham Interviews a Very Relaxed Hillary Clinton

Relaxed, yes, but still rocking the pantsuit.

We don’t know if it was the fact that Hillary Clinton sat down with a professed [Hillary] Clintonite that caused the candidate to appear so relaxed in the sneak peek of her video interview with Girls creator Lena Dunham. But there were smiles, smises, even hand gestures that weren’t that weird consultant-approved thumb-pointing thing politicians love to do, and that was all in just a minute of tape.

The full production will be accompanied by sketch comedy scenes from Clinton’s BK HQ and an Amy Schumer guest spot. The interview will touch on issues like feminism and women’s health and will offer a look back at the life and worries of a 20-something Hillary Clinton. It will hit the inboxes of Lenny subscribers on Tuesday. Lenny, a new weekly newsletter, is the creation of Dunham and her production partner Jenni Konner.