New York Times Quickly Resuscitates the ‘Late’ Leonard Cohen

First, it was the misspelling “Daft Puck.” Then came a heavy metal typo involving Megadeth (the band’s name was written as Megadeath).

But as Andrew Beaujon of the Poynter Institute reminds this morning,this kind of cacophony sometimes comes in three’s. In the case of The New York Times, the final gaffe involving singer Leonard Cohen really upped the ante:

The well-known singer-songwriter, musician, poet and novelist is very much alive; it is not the case that he is “the late Leonard Cohen.”

The mistake was due to an incidental mention of Cohen in a June 21 profile of Rufus Wainright by David Colman. We imagine the 78-year-old Canadian-born Cohen, the subject of a recent thoroughly researched bio, is or will be tickled by the Saturday June 22 correction. Can we get a “Hallelujah”?

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