Leonard Maltin Movie Guide for iPhone Moves Away from the Book-in-an-App Category

Screenshot courtesy of mobileAge

If you’ve been following this blog for the last couple of months, you are probably aware of my dislike for the iPhone book-in-an-app genre of apps. I think they are a waste of icon space on my iPhone and are generally overpriced.

So, here’s a new iPhone app that rethinks this concept for the reference book category…

Leonard Maltin Movie Guide 1.0

Even casual movie fans are probably familiar with Leonard Maltin series of paperback movie guides. Based on this app’s description and screenshots, it looks like the book contents have been turned into a good looking movie referene app.

For some reason, I’ve been looking around for old movies of all kinds of genres recently. This not-another-book-reference app may earn my $4.99 after I learn a bit more about the app.

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