Let Cc:Betty Spread The Word On Facebook About Your Events And Discussions

Cc:Betty, a company that offers a comprehensive group of features when using email to plan or organize events, is now integrating with Facebook so users can share their discussions in news feeds. The pairing is aimed at bringing in more people to discussions and spread word of events to more people within social networks.

The service is simple to use: once you’ve set up an account, you just need to CC Betty when sending out invites, information or starting group discussions through email. Cc:Betty then pulls out key information into scannable categories, using Google Maps to illustrate addresses, organizing photos and attachments in albums, sorting dates into individual events and creating a sidebar to easily view each person included in the email, with pictures when available.

Connecting Cc:Betty and Facebook places an alert in your news feed so that your friends and colleagues can join in on the discussion or add their insights to topics. Users can still simply like your post or add comments as with any other entry in a news feed, but they’ll now have the added ability to join through the Cc:Betty interface for a more complete picture of the event or discussion.

Cc:Betty estimates that about 70% of the content that flows through their service is business related, and is speculating that the Facebook integration will help shift the way people use the service to a more balanced distribution of work and fun. The integration is now live, and can be activated by creating a Cc:Betty account and clicking on the Connect tab at the top of the Cc:Betty home page.

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