Let’s Colour Is Brightening Up The World One City At A Time

The Let’s Colour Project is a new campaign from Euro RSCG Group UK with one goal in mind – to brighten up the world by transforming grey spaces with colorful paint. The project, which began in March, has already brought color to the streets of Brazil, France, India and the UK and is continuing it’s mission to spread color to the rest of the globe.

Over the weekend, Let’s Colour released their first global film for the campaign. The video, which has just around 18,000 views so far, was shot over four weeks in France, London, India and Brazil. It shows community members from each city painting buildings and streets in bright colors and livening up the city. In Brazil, community members painted homes and a hotel lobby; In France, the Let’s Colour Project added color to a council estate in Paris; In the UK, parents, teachers and children transformed the Virginia primary school; and in India, a community square in Rajasthan was painted in shades of blue, purple and pink.

The video, which was shot by award winning Director Adam Berg, is absolutely stunning and inspiring. I hope that the video will inspire community members in other parts of the world to add a splash of color to brighten up their homes and cities.

The Let’s Colour Project says, “Together, we can change whatever we want. Together, we can add a simple splash of colour, which will really show the power it has to inspire us all. It doesn’t matter if it’s your bedroom wall or your local school. Everyone can be a part of it.” What do you think about the video? Do you feel inspired to grab some colorful paints and a brush and make the world a more beautiful place?

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