Let’s Hope Donald Sterling’s Lifetime Ban Ends This Story

So NBA commissioner Adam Silver decided to ban Donald Sterling from the league for life and fine him $2.5 million bucks in addition to attempting to force him to sell his team.

You heard it; we all heard it. The appropriate celebrities weighed in.

Thought Leader Mark Cuban agrees, despite telling ESPN that such a move might mark a “slippery slope“:

Magic Johnson also agrees:

That pretty much covers it, then. Video after the jump in case you missed anything.

Sure, there will be some people who make “freedom of speech” pseudo-arguments to rile up the ideologues, but very few rational people will defend this guy or talk about how he could have repaired his terrible reputation.

While we and our fellow bloggers have received a fair number of pitches from experts looking to discuss lessons learned from the rapid-fire tale, we think we can sum it up:

  • Don’t be a racist
  • Don’t say anything in private that you wouldn’t say in public, especially if you’re being recorded
  • If you want to defend your organization against statements that offend everyone, then you might just have to put your oversized foot down

These points may apply more specifically to public figures but, again, it really comes back to number one. Fairly self-explanatory.

Our only real question, especially given Sterling’s history: why did this take so long?

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