Let’s See How Rick Perry Handles the Iraq War Question

“Was it a mistake to go into Iraq?”

In what has become a gauntlet for GOP presidential candidates, the Iraq War question arose once again as the latest 2016 hopeful to announce his candidacy gave his two cents on the matter.

Fresh off his presidential campaign launch on Thursday, former Texas Governor Rick Perry appeared on Friday morning’s edition of “Morning Joe” to chat with hosts, Mika and Joe.

After briefly discussing his rumored rivalry with the Bush family, co-host Joe Scarborough switched topics, asking the former Governor of Texas point blank, “Was it a mistake to go into Iraq?”

“I think going into Iraq was a decision that, knowing what I know today, I would not have gone into Iraq,” responded Perry before pulling the old bait-and-switch. “Knowing what we know today, would Secretary Clinton and President Obama have pulled out of Iraq in 2011?” continued Perry, “That decision, that I will suggest to you was probably made in 2009, has been tragic.”

Watch clip below, courtesy of MSNBC.


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