Let’s Talk About Facebook on This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Apps

This week’s list of emerging Facebook apps still under a million monthly users is led off by Battle Punks, a game that’s unusual for its 3D graphics. But we’ll save talking about the games for our sister blog Inside Social Games. There’s actually a far more interesting app beneath Punks: f8 Live, which was created solely for last week’s f8 developer conference.

We were at f8, and the event was definitely packed — but the crowd was still only a couple thousand people. The online attendance, though, appears to have been an order of magnitude larger, and users have kept streaming in for information about the conference, a week after it ended.

Is the app important? Of course not, but it does tell us something: that Facebook itself has become a topic of popular conversation. Developer conferences would put most people to sleep, but two hundred thousand seem to have felt compelled to visit the app alone to check this one out.

Anyway, here’s the full AppData list of 20 growing apps:

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain Gain, %
1. Battle Punks 547,576 +341,034 +165.12
2. f8 Live 196,417 +187,309 +2,056.53
3. Write In Pictures 561,648 +180,869 +47.50
4. 天書奇談 2.0 571,875 +148,616 +35.11
5. Dailymotion Videos 533,307 +147,748 +38.32
6. Name Analyzer 164,229 +137,884 +523.38
7. My Tribe 530,249 +112,698 +26.99
8. ( Fupa Games ) – Arcade Blitz 216,178 +105,655 +95.60
9. ¡Teclas Machucadas! 431,658 +100,045 +30.17
10. Pet Forest Online 340,316 +94,661 +38.53
11. Do you really know me? 607,016 +94,169 +18.36
12. Funfari 266,804 +92,052 +52.68
13. Friend of the Day! 537,117 +89,000 +19.86
14. Love Test 2010 166,850 +87,583 +110.49
15. Dumbville 180,362 +86,331 +91.81
16. NanoStar Siege 178,808 +84,857 +90.32
17. Evony 411,056 +81,174 +24.61
18. Lords Online 265,298 +76,965 +40.87
19. TinierMe 351,984 +76,029 +27.55
20. Football Mania 192,763 +74,544 +63.06

Write In Pictures is an app for writing on friends’ walls in colorful, illustrated letters. We’re not sure, but it seems to be related to Name Analyzer, at number six, which breaks down your name into a flowery anagram.

天書奇 談2.0 is a game based on Chinese mythology although, oddly, it isn’t categorized as a game. Beneath it is Dailymotion Videos, based on the popular French website, which has been attracting a mainly European user base to its video sharing service.

Skipping down to number 13, Friend of the Day!, like Write In Pictures, doesn’t list a developer but appears to be related to another app: Lover of the Day, which is headed toward two million MAU. Both apps pick out a random friend who is dubbed, respectively, your friend or lover of the day. Simple, but apparently effective.

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