Leveraging the Raw Nature of Mobile Live Streams to Boost Campaigns and Engage Fans

Guest post by David Jun, founder and CEO/president of Aire Inc.

mobile searchThis is a guest post by David Jun, founder and CEO/president of Aire Inc.

With tens of millions of consumers across the globe using mobile live streaming platforms like Meerkat and Facebook’s Live, brands are taking notice and quickly implementing marketing and PR strategies leveraging the technology. Live streaming creates a lot of exciting new opportunities and a unique level of visual social media that is authentic and unfiltered.

Not only does the platform naturally lend itself to more intimate communications, but it also provides an additional distribution channel and allows for new pitch angles, extra behind-the-scenes access and the ability to share real-time dialogue from virtually anywhere – all via a single mobile device.

Following are some easy-to-implement tactics to amplify your campaign:

Broadcast Breaking News:
Probably one of the most effective strategies a publicist can leverage with live streaming is in response to breaking news and disaster control. Being able to respond to breaking news or a PR crisis, without relying on media availability can save you and your client a lot of grief. It will allow for a genuine approach that will get ahead of a media frenzy that can begin to build if you’re only speaking with one member of the media at a time. A client can issue an apology or clarification directly and not risk any additional misinterpretation that can further damage a reputation. Ariana Grande turned to social media to issue her apology after licking donuts and making anti-American remarks, and live streaming would’ve added another opportunity for fans to tune in and communicate directly.

Reinvent the Press Conference:
Traditional press conferences are often hectic and the media are rushing to get a good camera shot and insert themselves in the conversation. Implementing live streams will benefit media since reporters will have access without actually having to be present, ultimately removing the stress of having to wrangle reporters. Not to mention, conferences won’t be jammed packed with camera crews but will still reach a wide audience thanks to the global nature of live streaming.

Take Your Audience Behind-the-Scenes:
Just as press conferences can open up the audience size, so can interviews conducted via live broadcasting. A client can host an interview from virtually any location and viewers can interact directly via the live chat function that most apps feature. Additionally, live streams can offer a more authentic and intimate experience, especially when broadcast from “behind-the-scenes” at red carpet events. Having a celebrity live stream from the red carpet can enhance your client’s visibility, reputation and drive user engagement. Offering exclusive sneak peaks often entices fans to engage with your client’s social media channels and can influence positive media coverage.

Invite us Into Your World:
Celebrities and entrepreneurs alike are tapping into live streaming as a means to enhance brand visibility. Mark Zuckerberg just recently hosted a tour of the new Facebook headquarters, tied to the news of its rumored live streaming app. This tactic demonstrates how appealing it is to consumers to see what life is like on the inside, and it’s a great hook for announcing new products and tapping into an already established fan base.

Show us How:
How-to-videos are also a great avenue for clients that fall within the food, fitness and fashion industries. These videos can offer quick tips on how to whip up an easy mid-week meal, get in that high intensity workout while traveling, or revamp your wardrobe for the coming season. These live streams can allow clients to connect with fans and offer an experience where they can actually follow along and ask questions in real-time. With constant technological improvements, most live streams can now be saved and repurposed for use later on.

The accessibility of live streams is one of the driving forces behind the effectiveness of implementing this tool into virtually any campaign. The power is in your hands to shape a positive and intimate experience for consumers. Through unedited live streams, brands and personalities can communicate and connect with customers, clients and fans in an environment that feels like a one-on-one personal connection, even if there are hundreds of others viewing across the globe. Additionally, the ability for viewers to comment and ask questions of the broadcasters facilitates a quicker connection and deeper relationship.

David Jun is the founder and CEO/president of Aire Inc., a social media-based video communication system that offers the capabilities of several apps in one platform. You can find David on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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