LEWIS PR Acquires Davies Murphy Group, Global Revenues Rise To $45 Million

This is the third acquisition for the firm in five years.

Big agency news today as LEWIS PR announced that it acquired Davies Murphy Group (DMG), a Boston-based PR firm with 65 staffers, as of May 31. DMG has offices abroad (UK and Germany), and focuses on B2B technology clients across the spectrum, from startups to larger businesses.

The acquisition, according to LEWIS, raises the firm’s annual global revenues up to $45 million and US revenue up to $20 million* and pushes the staff total up to 420.  This marks the third acquisition for LEWIS in five years, following Page One PR in the UK and Leeds United in Antwerp.

LEWIS cites some of the standard reasons for the deal, saying that DMG’s roster and clients and like-minded culture helped them make the decision. The firm’s EVP, Morgan McLintic, also told The Holmes Report that the deal will strengthen Lewis’ presence in the US (it’s based in the UK) and help it scale into other markets. The firm has been expanding in markets around the world (10 new offices globally and increased digital offerings).

DMG will be integrated into LEWIS and founders Eric Davies and Andy Murphy will stay on, reporting to McLintic. There will be no other changes to staff, Holmes reports.

*The post previously said that revenue had been pushed up to $45 million from $20 million. We apologize for the error.