LG’s Bottom-of-the-Page Ads Are Getting a 2.1% Click-Through Rate

Appliance firm has been testing new GumGum unit

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Top-of-the-page banner ads don't have the greatest reputation in terms of moving the sales needle, so why not see if they work better affixed at the bottom of the screen? LG has been testing GumGum's In-Screen Ads unit, which does just that (and is being announced today by the tech vendor). The appliance brand saw a click-through rate of 2.1 percent—or up to nearly 30 times higher than what's considered the industry average—during a nine-week campaign that ended last month.

The ads performed well to promote the company's TurboWash machine on dozens of sites and blogs such as The Daily Beast, Pretty Prudent, Gadget Review, and Happy Housewife, per David Vanderwaal, LG's director of brand marketing, home appliances. His company is now using the ad unit to push the LG G2 smart phone through the end of the month.

"In-screen advertising allows [our brand] to be near content that's highly viewable online and that consumers will take notice of," Vanderwaal said. 

Utilizing responsive design technology, the GumGum's promos are assembled to display attractively across desktop and mobile devices. Though LG's effort is only running desktop-based ads at the moment. "We may explore using mobile and tablet versions in the future," Vanderwaal explained.

The user experience around In-Screen Ads is fairly interesting. When viewers scroll a page, the ad stays put across the bottom of the screen and can include multimedia functions such as video overlays. GumGum also offers audience targeting with the units.

"Though we don't have any research at this time that shows that these type of ad units have more branding power, in my opinion, I do believe that the unique positioning of the ads affixed to the bottom of screens of all sizes makes them significantly more noticeable and more memorable to users than a typical banner unit," said Mark Nester, director at MindShare, the agency behind the LG work.

@Chris_Heine Christopher Heine is a New York-based editor and writer.