French Newspaper Labels President Trump a ‘Pariah’

No Bastille Day love from Libération

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There’s some wordplay on the front pages of Paris newspapers today.

Le Monde uses the French word for bet–pari–to evaluate the “pari diplomatique” (the diplomatic bet) of President Macron welcoming President Trump to France for a July 13-14 visit. Some less subtle Paris riffing adorns the front page of today’s Bastille Day edition of Libération.

The 45th sitting U.S. president is labeled “A Pariah in Paris.” The paper is all-in with its dim view of Trump. A separate analysis piece is headlined, “Sudan Embargo: Trump Decides to Decide Nothing.”

On the website, the homepage features something rather unique: the Top 100 most-read articles (!), listed down the right margin. This affords readers the opportunity to really drill down. In the case of Trump’s visit, the item getting the most clicks at press time is this #13 one co-authored by the paper’s New York correspondent Isabelle Hanne.

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