LIFE Magazine's Legendary Photos Available in LIFE Mobile for iPhone

LIFE Mobile main page on an iPod touch

LIFE magazine’s weekly run ended in 1972. And, its monthly run ended in 2000. But, even now, years later, its photographs are still admired and amazing to look at. If you have an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, you can get the new free app to revisit those photos:

LIFE Mobile 1.0

Although the app is not designed for the iPad, I was surprised to see that the photos still looked great in the iPad’s pixel doubled mode that lets you fill an iPad’s screen with an iPhone app. You can see the aliased (jaggy) effect in the app interface text. But, the photos still look very good.

LIFE’s photos are truly worthy of digital preservation. And, what a treat to be able to see them in a free app.

LIFE Mobile screen pixel doubled mode on an iPad

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