Life Without a Netbook: A Work Week With Just my iPad

Believe it or not, I carried both a netbook and an iPad the first two weekdays after buying my iPad. By day 2 (Tuesday), it seemed clear that I could get a lot done with my iPad alone and ditched the netbook. Here’s what I’ve found after a full work week (5 days) of carrying just the iPad with no netbook to fall back on.

My most used iPad apps for work are:

– Safari (web browsing)
– Mail
– Pages (long form note taking)
– Adobe Ideas (mobile white board)
– Evernote (medium form note taking & organization)
– BugMe! (extremely short notes)

There are also a couple of apps that I use infrequently but should be noted:
– WolframAlpha (searches with a math/science/measurement bent)
– Dragon Diction (great speech to text demo)
– TweetDeck (Twitter client)
– SketchBook Pro (because I like doodling 🙂

There are, of course, functions I simply can’t perform on the iPad. Some of these require that I switch to a netbook or carry both the iPad and netbook. So, I may have to resort to “double bagging” both devices some days:

– Sync my LiveScribe Pen “ink” and audio recordings
– Record a podcast over Skype (though I have a workaround for this problem)
– Video conference over Skype
– Work with my co-workers using Microsoft Office Communicator
– Tether (via USB or Bluetooth) to my 3G connection using my Windows Mobile phone’s built-in tethering app

The iPad has met or comes very close to my 90% threshold. It lets me do 90% of what I need to do 90% of the time. That is pretty good for a 1.0 device release.