Liftoff Measures Gender’s Effect on App Engagement [Infographic]

Liftoff's latest index measures gender-specific app engagement across six major app categories.

Liftoff, a mobile app marketing and retargeting platform, has released its Q1 2015 Liftoff Mobile App Engagement Index, measuring the role gender plays in the engagement of mobile app users.

The data measured the cost-per-action and conversion rates across 22.5 million app installs and 550 million post-install events in six app categories: dating, finance, shopping, social, travel and utility. These post-install events include registering for accounts, sharing content, making reservations or purchases and subscribing to services.

According to the index, engagement for shopping apps is far higher for women than men, with women being 32 percent more likely to make purchases. Women were found to have a significantly higher “install-to-first-purchase” rate, and a much lower cost-per-purchase, at $144.50, compared to $190.70 for men.

The index also showed a higher engagement for women in social apps, with 36 percent more females sharing content. This results in a lower cost-per-first-time-share of $7.74 for women, compared to $10.52 for men.

For financial apps, males lead engagement, with the cost-per-install being 15.25 percent lower for men than women, and the cost-per-registration being 16.3 percent less.

In a statement, Dennis Mink, vice president of marketing at Liftoff, commented on the results:

This data is extremely valuable in helping app marketers more accurately plan their budgets and maximize ROI from their mobile advertising campaigns. Most app install campaigns are purchased and measured on a CPI basis, but the install hardly tells the whole story. In order to be truly effective, campaigns must generate engagement in post-install events like registering, booking a room or making a purchase, to generate true ROI. Otherwise, you could be paying way too much to acquire low-quality users.

Liftoff has created an infographic for the data. Check it out below.

Liftoff App Engagement Infographic