Like To Hit Snooze? This App Will Make You Think Twice

It’s 6:30 a.m., and your alarm clock’s shrill buzz fills your bedroom. You roll over and, still half asleep, hit the Snooze button for an extra 15 minutes of blissful sleep.

But then you wake up with a start, quickly grab your iPhone and log on to Twitter. Your alarm clock just punished you for hitting snooze by tweeting “I’m dressed as a sailor today!” to your 1,458 followers.

Sounds sort of like a nightmare you’d have if you were anxious about sleeping in, doesn’t it? Well, it’s a reality, and it’s made possibly by the creators of the OKITE alarm clock app for Apple products.

At first glance this looks just like an ordinary alarm clock. There’s nothing fancy with its UI or functionality – at least nothing you can see right away.

You simply set your alarm and it wakes you up with a buzz the next morning.

But, beware the snooze button! In typical Japanese fashion, this app will punish you if you fail to get up on time. It connects to your Twitter account and sends out an embarrassing tweet each time you hit snooze, so your followers can join in your shame at sleeping in.

Messages like “The world needs more smart people like me”, “I can’t ride a bicycle…” and “I want friends…” will appear on your timeline if you’re not quick to jump out of bed.

If public shame (and basic Japanese – the app is currently not available in English) isn’t your thing, OKITE probably isn’t for you. But it does make me wonder if we’ll see more shame-based apps connected to Twitter when it is baked into iOS 5!

Via Tofugu

Image courtesy of mghstars via Shutterstock