Lin-Manuel Miranda Is Not Throwing Away His Election-Day Shot

Hamilton star's SNL monologue doubled as a groovy PSA.

Hamilton star Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Saturday Night Live opening monologue was not just one of the slickest bits of such business in many an episode. It was also one of the most entertaining get-out-the-vote promos we’re likely to be treated to ahead of Nov. 8.

In between killer rhymes like “The way these grandstanding candidates be talkin’ / They’re just a tweet away from facing off in Weehawken” and “Yo, election news cycles / In time with Lorne Michaels,” Miranda came upon a framed, signed photo of previous guest host Donald Trump. A set-up that stopped the music cold.

A few minutes later, when the multi-talented product of Washington Heights had circled back to the Studio 8H stage, he delivered the punchline: “As long as I remember to vote this November, I am not throwing away my shot.”

Per Page Six, the Hamilton cast – watching SNL together at Midtown’s Hunt & Fish Club – loved the Trump gags. As far as we can tell, this(?) is the closest Trump has gotten to Hamilton. E.g., he has not seen the Broadway show.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.