Lincoln Chafee Can’t Find His Password, and Other Sad Items on the Cusp of His Announcement

The opposite of building anticipation.

With the set of stories that have come out today ahead of Lincoln Chafee’s planned announcement he’s running for the Democratic nomination, we can’t help but think of Chafee as this election cycle’s Eeyore.

Here’s what’s being written about him as we tick down the minutes to his speech at George Mason University:

1. No one’s paying attention

In the weeks following Chafee’s announcement that he was going to set up a presidential exploratory committee, there was, apparently, silence, according to AP’s Lisa Lerer.

“No one has contacted him,” wrote his wife, Stephanie Chafee, on Facebook nearly three weeks after his April announcement. “so SAD!”

2. His hometown paper doesn’t like him

A Politco post detailed the troubled relationship between Chafee and his hometown paper, The Providence Journal, which has written very little about him. The biggest piece of original content was an editorial that began:

If Lincoln Chafee believes his quest for the presidency would reflect well on Rhode Island, he may be even more disconnected from reality than his critics think.

3. He can’t find his Facebook password

Perhaps social media was not the place to reach out and see if anyone happened to have the password to Chafee’s gubernatorial Facebook account, but that is what Chafee’s wife Stephanie did on May 28 in a public Facebook post. The post isn’t there anymore (or at least isn’t public), but it was confirmed to be real.