LinkedIn Explains Why its Android App Can’t be Installed to an SD Card

One of biggest complaints about Android’s app story is how many large apps do not allow themselves to be installed on an SD card. This takes up the valuable limited system memory on my Android phone and limits the number of apps that can be installed. Here are a couple of big apps that refuse to allow themselves to be installed on an SD card.

AP Mobile – 4.06mb
Google Books – 3.68mb
Google Goggles – 3.38mb
Google Voice – 3.77mb
doubleTwist – 8.46mb
Facebook – 4.57mb
The Weather Channel – 2.52mb
TweetCaster – 2.5mb

LinkedIn for Android 1.0.1 weighs in at 2.27mb. It is big but not gigantic when compared to some of the other offending apps that refuse to run off of the SD card. However, LinkedIn is the only app developer I know of that has explained why this is so.

LinkedIn for Android 1.0.1

For apps2sd, because we are using the Android Sync Framework/adapter, install-to-SD isn’t possible at this time.

While I’m not pleased that this programming framework is the cause or one of the causes of all these apps that chew up my valuable Android system memory, I am thankful that LinkedIn stepped to provide a reason why this is so.

SampleSyncAdapter – Sample Sync Adapter