LinkedIn: Here’s How to Connect With Others Using QR Codes

Quickly find someone's profile

Each LinkedIn user has a unique QR code - Credit by LinkedIn

Did you know each LinkedIn member has a unique QR code that other users can scan to see their profile on the service? This feature allows users to quickly add others as connections on LinkedIn without searching for profiles manually. Our guide will show you how the LinkedIn QR code feature works.

Note: These screenshots were captured in the LinkedIn application on iOS.

Step 1: On the LinkedIn home feed, connections screen or notifications screen, tap the QR code symbol at the far right side of the search bar.

How to scan someone’s QR code

Point your device’s camera at a user’s QR code, so that the code is inside the white square. The app will scan it and automatically show you their LinkedIn profile.

Note: If someone sent you a screenshot of their QR code (for instance, in a text message) and you have the screenshot saved on your device, you can tap “Scan from photos” on iOS or “Add code from gallery” on Android to open your device’s photo library, where you can tap the picture containing the code you want the app to scan.

How to share your own QR code

If you want to show someone your QR code, tap “My code” at the top of the screen.

Other users can scan your QR code (represented by the black square in the image below) by pointing their device’s camera at your device’s screen.

Note: You can tap “Save to photos” on iOS or “Save to gallery” on Android to save a screenshot of your QR code to your device, which you can share outside of the LinkedIn application at a later time. On iOS, you can also tap “Share my code” at the bottom of the screen to share your QR Code in another app (like Twitter), or through things like a text message or email. According to LinkedIn, this option isn’t currently available on Android, but it will be added in the future.

When you tap either “Share my code” or “Save to photos” (or “Save to gallery” on Android) you’ll be able to choose whether to just share/save your QR code on its own, or also include your profile picture, name and LinkedIn headline with the code. To include your profile picture, name and LinkedIn headline, tap “Share with photo” or “Save with photo” as seen in the screenshots below.

When you tap “Share my code:”

When you tap “Save to photos:”

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