LinkedIn Is In a Sharing Mood

It’s share and share alike on LinkedIn, as the professional networking site revamped its sharing features Wednesday, as announced by software architect Nick Dellamaggiore on the LinkedIn Blog.

Among the changes to sharing information on LinkedIn: public vs. private settings; excerpts from shared articles; the ability to preview, edit, and delete posts in order to avoid typos and other errors; one-click re-sharing; easier sharing to LinkedIn from outside sites; a URL shortener; attribution on re-shared articles; and the ability to share items on profiles.

Dellamaggiore wrote:

Most of us turn to blogs, newspapers, magazines, trade publications, and more when we’re looking for the info we need. But just as often, we count on our colleagues and peers to point out the stuff we should read.

That’s why we’ve just made some incremental changes to how sharing works on LinkedIn. Here’s a video about how it works (below) and a longer list of features and functionality around this new feature that you can start using today.

(On article excerpts) The chances of someone clicking through your shared article are greater when you’ve included images and brief excerpts pulled from the news article or blog post. What you share looks great, and you can customize it completely.

We hope these features will make it easier for you to share and consume news, as well as helping your connections find the info they need. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.